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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Appeals from compliance orders
§ 677. Appeals from compliance orders. Within sixty days after the
issuance by the commissioner of an order to comply with any provision of
this article or with any minimum wage regulation promulgated thereunder,
any person aggrieved may appeal questions of law and fact involved in
such order to the board of standards and appeals by filing with said
board a written petition in accordance with such rules as the board
shall prescribe, provided, however, that no such appeal shall bring
under review any minimum wage regulation promulgated under this article.
The provisions of subdivision two of section six hundred seventy-six
relating to appeals from determinations of the board and the provisions
of subdivisions three through seven of section six hundred seventy-six
shall apply to appeals such as herein provided. Unless an appeal such as
herein provided is taken within the prescribed time, the findings of
fact and conclusions of law contained in such order to comply shall be
final and binding and no board or court shall have jurisdiction to
review such order, or finding or conclusion contained therein, or to
restrain or interfere with its enforcement.