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This entry was published on 2021-04-02
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Commissioner's powers of investigation
§ 696-d. Commissioner's powers of investigation. The commissioner or
his or her authorized representative shall have the power to:

1. investigate the compensation of covered airport workers in the

2. enter the place of business or employment of any employer for the
purpose of (a) examining and inspecting any and all books, registers,
payrolls, and other records that in any way relate to or have a bearing
upon the compensation provided to, or the hours worked by any employees,
and (b) ascertaining whether the provisions of this article and the
rules and regulations promulgated hereunder are being complied with; and

3. require from any employer full and correct statements and reports
in writing, at such times as the commissioner may deem necessary, of the
compensation provided to and the hours by such employer's employees.