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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reports; confidential information
§ 804. Reports; confidential information. A board of inquiry shall,
after investigation, make a final report to the commissioner as to the
matters referred to it and may make interim reports. Unless the strike,
lock-out or other industrial dispute is terminated or adjusted prior
thereto, or is re-submitted by all parties to the dispute for voluntary
settlement to the state board of mediation, any final report of a board
of inquiry shall be made public by the commissioner. The commissioner
may make public any interim report of a board of inquiry or any part
thereof, in such manner as he deems proper. Provided, however, that
there shall be excluded from any report or publication authorized by the
board or the commissioner, any information, other than information
having a direct bearing on the dispute, obtained by the board in the
course of its inquiry as to any labor union or as to any individual
business (whether carried on by person, firm or corporation) if at the
time such information is supplied to the board the person who supplies
it represents to the board that it is confidential information and the
board is satisfied that it is information which is not available
otherwise than through evidence given at the inquiry, unless with
respect to such evidence so presented as confidential and found to be
not otherwise available the board procures from the labor union or the
person, firm or corporation the consent to publication; nor shall any
individual member of the board or any person concerned in the inquiry,
without such consent, disclose any such information.