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This entry was published on 2022-03-04
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Powers and duties of industrial commissioner; personnel
§ 811. Powers and duties of industrial commissioner; personnel. 1. The
industrial commissioner shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) to encourage and promote the making of apprenticeship agreements
conforming to the standards established by or pursuant to this article;

(b) to establish suggested standards for apprenticeship agreements in
conformity with the provisions of this article;

(c) to supervise the execution of apprenticeship agreements and
maintenance of standards;

(d) to register approved apprenticeship agreements, and upon
performance thereof, to issue certificates of completion of

(e) to settle differences arising out of apprenticeship agreements,
when such differences cannot be adjusted locally or in accordance with
established trade procedure;

(f) to terminate or cancel any apprenticeship agreements in accordance
with the provisions of such agreements;

(g) to encourage and promote the hiring by any trade or group of
trades of persons who are on parole, in order to aid in the
rehabilitation of such persons;

(h) to study and disseminate information on apprenticeship training,
trends of employment opportunities in various trades, the impact of
technological change on skill levels and requirements, the supply of and
needs for skilled manpower, and related matters;

(i) to cooperate with the federal government, the state education
department, the state department of commerce and other agencies, public
and private, in the state;

(j) to cooperate with the director of the division of minority and
women's business development pursuant to paragraph (k) of subdivision
three of section three hundred eleven of the executive law to assist
contractors in locating minority group members and women who are
participating in apprenticeships agreements;

(k) to adopt such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the
effective administration of the purposes and provisions of this article;

(l) to perform such other duties as may be necessary to give full
effect to the policies of the state and the provisions of this article.

2. The industrial commissioner shall appoint a person who shall be in
charge of apprentice training in the department of labor, and who shall
act as secretary of the state apprenticeship and training council and of
state joint apprenticeship committees. The industrial commissioner is
further authorized to appoint such clerical, technical, and professional
assistants as shall be necessary to effectuate the purposes of this
article. The personnel appointed under this article shall receive an
annual compensation to be fixed by the industrial commissioner within
the amount provided by appropriation.