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This entry was published on 2015-04-24
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Training of persons in the repair and reconditioning of slot machines
§ 819. Training of persons in the repair and reconditioning of slot
machines. Possession of a slot machine shall be permitted where such
possession is necessary to facilitate the training of persons in the
repair and reconditioning of such machines by entities not subject to
tribal-state compacts, provided all of the following conditions are met:

1. The entity is registered with the commissioner pursuant to this

2. The entity has an approved apprenticeship program in the electrical
trades pursuant to title 12, volume C-1, part 601 of the New York state
codes, rules and regulations;

3. The entity has submitted to, and received approval from, the
superintendent of state police of a security plan with regard to the
movement, location and storage of such machines at all times, including
but not limited to, a log of all persons having access to such machines,
and a video surveillance of such machines;

4. (a) Written notification, made to the commissioner, shall be made
for each machine to be received by an approved apprenticeship program.
Such notification shall include the manufacturer, model and serial
number for each machine and identification number of each program
storage device such as EPROM, ROM, flash ROM, DVD or CD-ROM. Such
identical information shall be maintained by each approved
apprenticeship program in a format required by the commissioner.

(b) Each approved apprenticeship program shall promptly notify the
commissioner, in writing, of the return, removal or destruction of a
machine or program storage device or of additional program storage
devices to be received;

5. The entity possesses a tag issued by the department with an
identification number affixed and identifying each machine.