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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Multipurpose service centers
§ 825. Multipurpose service centers. 1. Upon receipt of federal
funding designated to assist displaced homemakers, the commissioner
shall establish multipurpose service centers for displaced homemakers
which shall provide the following:

(a) job counseling services which shall:

(i) be specifically designed for a person entering the job market
after a number of years as a homemaker;

(ii) operate to counsel displaced homemakers with respect to
appropriate job opportunities;

(b) job training and job placement services which shall:

(i) develop, by working with state and local government agencies and
private employers, training and placement programs for jobs in the
public and private sectors;

(ii) assist displaced homemakers in gaining admission to existing
public and private job training programs and opportunities;

(iii) assist in identifying community needs and creating new jobs in
the public and private sectors;

(c) health education and counseling services with respect to:

(i) general principles of preventative health care;

(ii) health care consumer education, directed particularly to
selection of physicians, dentists and health care services and health

(iii) family health care and nutrition;

(iv) alcohol and drug addictions; and

(v) other related health care matters;

(d) financial management services which provide information and
assistance with respect to insurance, taxes, estate and probate
problems, mortgages, loans, and other related financial matters;

(e) educational services, including:

(i) courses offering information about credit through secondary or
post secondary education programs including bilingual programs when

(ii) such other courses as the commissioner determines would be of
interest and benefit to displaced homemakers; and

(f) outreach and information services with respect to federal and
state employment, education, health, and unemployment assistance
programs which the commissioner determines would be of interest and
benefit to displaced homemakers.

2. The commissioner may enter into contracts with and make grants to
public and nonprofit private entities for purposes of establishing
multipurpose service centers under this article.

3. The commissioner shall consult and cooperate with the secretary of
health, education and welfare, the secretary of labor, the commissioner
of the social security administration, the commissioner of the
administration on aging, and such other persons in the executive branch
of the federal and state governments as the commissioner considers
appropriate to facilitate the coordination of multipurpose service
centers established under this article with existing federal and state
programs of a similar nature.

4. Supervisory, technical, and administrative positions relating to
multipurpose service centers established under this article shall, to
the maximum extent feasible, be filled by displaced homemakers.

5. Trainees in a program established under this article, who have
demonstrated a financial need to the satisfaction of the commissioner,
shall be paid a stipend not less than the federal minimum wage while
engaged in such program.