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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Selection and administration of centers
§ 828. Selection and administration of centers. 1. In selecting sites
for the centers established under this article, the commissioner shall

(a) the location of any existing facilities for displaced homemakers
and of any existing services which might be incorporated into a center.

(b) the needs of both urban and rural communities of the state for
such centers.

2. As soon as possible after the selection of a particular site for a
center, and in any case not later than two years after the effective
date of this article, the commissioner shall select a public or
nonprofit private organization to administer each center. The selection
of such an organization shall be made after consultation with local
government agencies, and shall take into consideration the experience
and capability of such organizations in administering the services to be
provided by the center.

3. As soon as possible and in any case not later than six months after
the effective date of this article, the commissioner shall issue
regulations prescribing the standards which shall be met by each center
in accordance with the policies set forth in this article. Continuing
grants for the maintenance of each center shall be contingent upon the
determination by the commissioner, based upon evaluations under section
eight hundred twenty-nine of this article, that the center is in
compliance with the regulations prescribed by the commissioner.