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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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State plan
§ 837. State plan. 1. The governor shall be responsible for
preparation and submission of a biennial plan. The plan shall be
prepared with input from the department, the department of economic
development, state education department, state university of New York
and the state job training coordinating council. The plan shall include,
but not be limited to:

(a) a description of services to be provided to dislocated workers and
additional dislocated workers as defined in section eight hundred
thirty-five of this article;

(b) the identification of the state dislocated worker unit within the
department, and the activities such unit will carry out;

(c) a description of coordination between such unit; and

(i) the department of economic development for the purposes of
developing strategies to avert plant closings or substantial layoffs
which would include the participation of the department of economic
development in the establishment of labor-management committees, the
provision of resources and technical assistance for a preliminary
assessment of the advisability of conducting a comprehensive study
exploring the feasibility of having a company or group, including the
workers, purchase the plant and continue it in operation, and the
provision of appropriate financial and technical advice to assist in
efforts to avert worker dislocation;

(ii) the state education department for the purposes of identifying
and approving training/retraining activities that meet standards of
instructional quality pursuant to subparagraph (ii) of paragraph (b) of
subdivision four of section eight hundred forty-six of this article;

(d) an explanation of the extent to which additional dislocated
workers will be served under this plan and, if such workers will not be
served, a statement of justification for their exclusion; and (e) a
detailed description of reporting and evaluation activity relating to
outcomes achieved.

2. The biennial plan developed pursuant to subdivision one of this
section shall be submitted to the council for review and comment and to
the governor for approval. Copies shall also be submitted to the
president pro-tempore of the senate and the speaker of the assembly
simultaneous to its submission to the council.

3. The state plan submitted under this section may be modified to
describe changes in or additions to programs and activities set forth in
the plan and shall be reviewed and approved in the same manner as the
state plan originally submitted.