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Legislative findings and objectives
* § 850*. Legislative findings and objectives. The legislature finds
that due to the harmful impact upon the people of the state and upon the
economic stability of the state as the result of high cyclical and
structural unemployment it is necessary and appropriate to most
effectively allocate any and all economic resources available to the
state of New York such as the federal funds allocated to New York for
the creation of public service jobs according to the provisions of
Public Law 93-203 (as amended) and it is therefore in the public
interest of the state of New York to create a mechanism to effectively
review and monitor the allocation of such public law funds by applicants
for such funds within the state of New York and recommend to all
applicants for such funds that the allocation of public service job
opportunities within the communities served by the applicants maximize
the value of such public law funds to reduce the unemployment rate by
employing persons whose employment will most contribute to a general
improvement of the economy of the state, as well as a restoration of a
balance between the private and public sectors of the state's economy,
and, furthermore, recommend to all applicants for such funds that such
allocations of public service jobs be in compliance with all such public
law rules and regulations, especially section 99.1 (c) which specifies
that at least fifty percent of persons hired for such public law public
service jobs be persons who are long-term unemployed and recipients of
aid to families with dependent children.

* NB Expired March 31, 1979