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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Notice to persons receiving remuneration from contractors and subcontractors
§ 861-d. Notice to persons receiving remuneration from contractors and
subcontractors. 1. Every contractor shall post in a prominent and
accessible place on the site where the construction is performed a
legible statement, provided by the commissioner, that describes the
responsibility of independent contractors to pay taxes required by state
and federal law, the rights of employees to workers' compensation,
unemployment benefits, minimum wage, overtime and other federal and
state workplace protections, and the protections against retaliation and
the penalties in this article if the contractor fails to properly
classify an individual as an employee. This notice shall also contain
contact information for individuals to file complaints or inquire with
the commissioner about employment classification status. This
information shall be provided in English, Spanish or other languages
required by the commissioner. The posted statement shall be constructed
of materials capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions.

2. Within thirty days of the effective date of this article, the
commissioner shall create the notice described in subdivision one of
this section and post the notice on the department's website for
downloading by contractors.

3. Contractors who violate this section shall be subject to a civil
penalty of up to one thousand five hundred dollars for a first
violation, and up to five thousand dollars for a subsequent violation
within a five year period.