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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Trade secrets
§ 877. Trade secrets. 1. When a manufacturer, producer, formulator or
employer considers the identity of or other information concerning a
toxic chemical substance to be a protectable trade secret or a
proprietary process whose disclosure would compromise his competitive
advantage and when other applicable provisions of the health law are
satisfied, he may register this information as secret with the
commissioner of health.

2. Manufacturers, producers, formulators and employers who so register
a substance, process or product with the commissioner of health must
inform in writing, employers who request information relating to such
substance, and employees and their representatives, that such substance
or process constitutes a registered trade secret or proprietary process
and that information regarding the toxic effects of such substance is
only available without identifying information and must provide such
information without identifying data.

3. No officer, employee or agent of any state or municipal department,
agency, commission or authority shall disclose to anyone in any manner
any record or portions thereof protected pursuant to this article and
which are within his custody or knowledge for so long as such record or
portions thereof shall be so exempted or until a final judicial denial
of such exemption is rendered. Any person who violates any provision of
this subdivision may be fined, suspended or removed from office or
employment in the manner provided by law.