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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Training and education program on occupational safety and health
§ 886. Training and education program on occupational safety and
health. 1. There is hereby created a training and education program on
occupational safety and health.

2. The board shall, pursuant to the provisions of subdivision fourteen
of section twenty-seven-a of this chapter, provide grants to employers
(public or private), labor organizations or their federations, trade
associations, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to
provide occupational safety and health education and training services
to employees and employers at locations throughout the state, including
education services as required under article twenty-eight of this
chapter, training and education for employees concerning the prevention
of occupational diseases and injuries, and any other services deemed
effective to promote the prevention of accidents and illness.

3. Apportionment of funds. (a) The department shall retain no more
than ten percent of the appropriated funds for the administration of
this program.

(b) Any funds reappropriated for the purposes provided in this article
which the commissioner determines to be unencumbered as of July first of
the year in which said grants lapse, shall, by January first of the next
succeeding year, be awarded to grantees in the same manner as all other
funds appropriated for this purpose in the same manner as other grants
under subdivision two of this section.