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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Legislative findings and declaration
§ 900. Legislative findings and declaration. The legislature hereby
finds and declares that exposure to asbestos fibers, a known
carcinogenic agent, creates a serious risk to the public health and
safety. The legislature also finds that the public is more frequently
exposed to these risks as a result of an increasing number of
rehabilitation and reconstruction projects on buildings containing
asbestos or asbestos materials.

The legislature finds that the risks associated with asbestos are
exacerbated by the improper and uninformed manner in which some
contractors and their employees handle asbestos. Improper design,
implementation or inspection of asbestos projects creates unnecessary
health and safety hazards which are detrimental to the state's interest,
and that of its citizens.

The legislature, therefore, finds and declares it to be its purpose
and policy to reduce asbestos related hazards by encouraging proper
training of persons employed to design, implement or inspect asbestos
projects and those who supervise or employ them, by requiring the
licensing of contractors and the certification of individuals involved
in asbestos projects pursuant to regulations promulgated by the
commissioner, prior to the removal, enclosure, encapsulation or
disturbance of friable asbestos or any handling of asbestos material
which may result in the release of asbestos fiber and by conferring upon
the commissioner the authority to inspect ongoing asbestos projects and
promulgate and enforce safety and health standards regulating the
conduct of those projects through injunctions, and the imposition of
civil and criminal penalties.