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This entry was published on 2022-01-07
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New York state elevator safety and standards advisory board
§ 956. New York state elevator safety and standards advisory board. 1.
An elevator safety and standards advisory board is hereby created, to
consist of thirteen members. The governor shall appoint seven members,
the temporary president of the senate shall appoint three members, and
the speaker of the assembly shall appoint three members. The appointees
to the board shall be representatives of elevator manufacturers,
building owners or managers, elevator industry construction workers,
elevator servicing companies, elevator industry associations, elevator
mechanics, or fire marshals. The board shall meet on an as needed basis
to advise the commissioner on the implementation of this article. The
board shall elect a chairperson to serve for the term of their
appointment to the board.

2. The members appointed pursuant to this section shall serve at the
pleasure of the authority appointing such member. The members shall
serve without salary or compensation, but shall be reimbursed for
necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

3. The board may consult with engineering authorities and
organizations concerned with standard safety codes, rules and
regulations governing the maintenance, servicing, construction,
alteration, installation, and inspection of conveyances and the
adequate, reasonable, and necessary qualifications of elevator
mechanics, contractors, and inspectors.

4. The board shall have the authority to administer, oversee, and
approve examinations for the purpose of qualifying applicants pursuant
to subdivision six of section nine hundred fifty-four of this article.
In exercising this authority, the board shall, in its discretion,
determine the criteria and standards for examinations to satisfy the
requirements of this subdivision, such as the mechanic examination of
the national elevator industry educational program, or an equivalent
examination recognized by the board, which shall satisfy the
requirements of this subdivision.