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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Bi-monthly reports of public corporations
Legislative (LEG) CHAPTER 32, ARTICLE 1-A
§ 1-i. Bi-monthly reports of public corporations. (a) Every public
corporation required to file a statement of registration pursuant to
section one-e of this article which in any lobbying year reasonably
anticipates that during the year it will expend or incur expenses in an
amount in excess of five thousand dollars, as provided in paragraph six
of subdivision (b) of this section, for the purpose of lobbying shall
file with the commission a bi-monthly written report, on forms supplied
by the commission, by the fifteenth day next succeeding the end of the
reporting period in which the public corporation was first required to
file a statement of registration. Such reporting periods shall be the
period of January first to the last day of February, March first to
April thirtieth, May first to June thirtieth, July first to August
thirty-first, September first to October thirty-first and November first
to December thirty-first.

(b) Such bi-monthly report shall contain:

(1) the name, address and telephone number of such public corporation;

(2) the name, address and telephone number of each lobbyist retained,
employed or designated by such public corporation;

(3) copies of any amendments relating to a retainer, employment or
designation, as filed in the original statement of registration pursuant
to section one-e of this article;

(4) a description of the general subject or subjects, the legislative
bill numbers of any bills and the rule, regulation, and ratemaking
numbers of any rules, regulations, or rates or proposed rules,
regulations, or rates on which the lobbyist has lobbied, and on which
such public corporation has lobbied;

(5) the name of the person, organization or legislative body before
which the public corporation, or its lobbyists, has lobbied;

(6) (i) the compensation paid or owed to the lobbyist and any expenses
expended, received or incurred by the lobbyist for the purpose of
lobbying; provided, however, any such expenses paid by such public
corporation to a lobbyist for the purpose of lobbying on behalf of such
public corporation shall be itemized in the same manner as if such
public corporation had directly paid or incurred such expenses.

(ii) any expenses required to be reported pursuant to subparagraph (i)
of this paragraph shall be listed in the aggregate if seventy-five
dollars or less and if more than seventy-five dollars such expenses
shall be detailed as to amount, to whom paid, and for what purpose; and
where such expenses are more than seventy-five dollars on behalf of any
one person, the name of such person shall be listed.

(iii) for the purposes of this paragraph, expenses shall not include:

(A) personal sustenance, lodging and travel disbursements of each such

(B) expenses, not in excess of five hundred dollars in any one
calendar year, directly incurred for the printing or other means of
reproduction or mailing of letters, memoranda or other written

(iv) expenses paid or incurred for compensation other than that of
each lobbyist shall be listed in the aggregate.

(v) expenses of more than fifty dollars must be paid by check or
substantiated by receipts and such checks and receipts shall be kept on
file by such public corporation for a period of three years.

(c) (1) All such bi-monthly reports shall be subject to review by the

(2) Such bi-monthly reports shall be kept on file for a period of
three years and shall be open to public inspection during such period.

(3) In addition to the filing fees authorized by this article, the
commission may impose a fee for late filing of a bi-monthly report
required by this section not to exceed twenty-five dollars for each day
that the report required to be filed is late, except that if the public
corporation making a late filing has not previously been required by
statute to file such a report, the fee for late filing shall not exceed
ten dollars for each day that the report required to be filed is late.