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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Contents of printed volumes of session laws
Legislative (LEG) CHAPTER 32, ARTICLE 3
§ 45. Contents of printed volumes of session laws. The volumes of the
session laws shall contain:

1. A statement of the names and residences of the governor,
lieutenant-governor, senators and members of assembly, the presiding
officers and the respective secretary or clerk of each house in office
during each session.

2. The laws, and concurrent resolutions proposing amendments to the
constitution of the state and concurrent resolutions proposing or
ratifying amendments to the constitution of the United States, passed at
each session.

3. Amendments to the state constitution, approved and ratified by the
people at the last preceding general election.

4. Tables showing the laws and parts thereof amended or repealed by
such laws.

5. Indexes of the laws and concurrent resolutions contained in such

6. Such other matters as are required by law to be contained in such

Such laws, concurrent resolutions, tables, indexes and other matters
so required to be printed shall be prepared for printing under the
direction of and by experienced persons employed by the temporary
president of the senate and speaker of the assembly, who shall fix the
compensation and approve necessary expenses of such employees within
amounts appropriated therefor. Suitable references to existing general
or consolidated laws, codes, or special or local laws may be made in
footnotes or otherwise. Each volume printed for the state shall contain
a certificate of the temporary president of the senate and speaker of
the assembly that it was printed pursuant to the provisions of this
section and section forty-four of this chapter and is in compliance with
the provisions thereof.