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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Testimony before legislative committees
Legislative (LEG) CHAPTER 32, ARTICLE 4
§ 60. Testimony before legislative committees. A legislative committee
may require the attendance of witnesses in this state whom the committee
may wish to examine, or may issue a commission for the examination of
witnesses who are out of the state or unable to attend the committee or
excused from attendance, which commission if directed by the house or
legislature by which the committee is appointed may be executed during
the recess of the legislature. A commission issued as provided by this
section shall be in the form used in the courts of record of this state
and shall be executed in like manner. Unless otherwise instructed by the
committee appointing them the commissioners shall examine privately
every witness attending before them and shall not make public the
particulars of such examination. No committee of either house or a joint
committee of both houses shall have the power to take testimony at a
private hearing or at a public hearing unless at least two of its
members are present at such hearing.