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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Undertaking to accompany application for discharge
§ 102. Undertaking to accompany application for discharge. The
application shall be accompanied by an undertaking to the lienor
executed by at least two sureties in a sum at least twice the amount
specified in the warrant, to the effect that the person making the
application for the discharge of the vessel will pay the amount of all
claims and demands which shall be established to be due to the person in
whose behalf the warrant was issued, and to have been a subsisting lien
on the vessel at the time of its issue. The undertaking when found
sufficient, must be approved by the justice to whom the application is
made as to the sufficiency of the sureties, and the lienor may examine
the sureties as to their sufficiency at such time and places as may be
fixed by such justice.