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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Costs of proceedings
§ 105. Costs of proceedings. The costs of the proceedings in addition
to the disbursements shall be: For filing notice of lien, two dollars.
For applying for and procuring a warrant if the lien is fifty dollars or
under, ten dollars; if the lien exceeds fifty dollars and is not more
than two hundred and fifty dollars, twenty dollars; if the lien exceeds
two hundred and fifty dollars, and is not more than one thousand
dollars, thirty dollars; if the lien exceeds one thousand dollars, forty
dollars. For attending proceedings upon the discharge of the warrant on
the execution of an undertaking, ten dollars.

The sheriff shall be entitled in any such proceedings to the following
fees and expenses: For serving warrant, one dollar. For return of the
same, one dollar. The necessary sums paid by him for the expense of
keeping the vessel in custody, not exceeding two dollars and fifty cents
for each day. The sheriff shall not receive any other or greater sums
for any service rendered by him in any proceeding under this article,
nor shall he be allowed expense of custody of the vessel upon more than
one warrant at the same time. All costs, disbursements and fees shall be
verified by affidavit and adjusted by the justices issuing the warrant.