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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Lien of motion picture film laboratories
§ 188. Lien of motion picture film laboratories. All persons, firms or
corporations engaged in the business of a motion picture film laboratory
or in the business of developing, titling, storing, assembling or
reproducing motion picture film shall have, in every case where such
persons or corporations copy, print, reprint, reproduce or in any manner
prepare, at the request, with the consent or with the knowledge of the
owner or his agent, a positive print or prints from a motion picture
negative film for the owner thereof, or for a lessee, licensee,
mortgagee, conditional vendee or person in possession thereof, a lien
upon such positive prints and upon the negative film from which such
positive print or prints were made, printed, reproduced or prepared,
including the distribution and exhibition rights therein of all persons,
firms or corporations at whose request, or with whose knowledge or
consent such positive prints were copied, printed, reprinted, reproduced
or prepared, and upon any and all other negative or positive prints or
films of such owner, lessee, licensee, mortgagee or conditional vendee
in their possession, including the distribution and exhibition rights
therein, of all such persons, firms and corporations aforesaid and may
retain such negative and positive motion picture films at any time they
may be lawfully in their possession until the payment of any sum due
from the owner of such negative or positive films or from any licensee,
lessee, mortgagee or conditional vendee thereof or from any person
authorized to contract for such work, for the material and labor
furnished, including storage charges, insurance, cost of containers and
money advanced in connection with the developing, printing, reproducing
and preparing of such motion picture negative or positive films.
Possession of motion picture film by any person who shall deliver the
same to any motion picture laboratory shall be presumptive evidence of
the consent of the owner thereof to the performance of the work which
may be done thereon or therefrom by such laboratory. No lien hereby
granted shall be waived or impaired by the taking of any note or notes
for the moneys so due or for the work and labor performed and materials
and moneys furnished.