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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Bail bond to act as lien on real estate
§ 246-a. Bail bond to act as lien on real estate. Upon the execution
of any bail bond and an affidavit of justification as set forth in the
provisions of subdivision four of section 520.20 of the criminal
procedure law, between any person or corporation and the people of the
state of New York, there shall attach to the real property described in
the said affidavit of justification as hereinafter provided, a lien in
favor of the bail bond, which lien shall remain in full force and effect
until a certificate of discharge has been filed pursuant to the
provisions of section two hundred and forty-six or such lien has been
discharged pursuant to the provisions of section two hundred and
forty-eight of the lien law. Whenever final judgment has been rendered
in the criminal action or proceeding for which such bail bond shall have
been executed or whenever the bail has been exonerated by order of the
court, the attorney general of the state of New York or the district
attorney of the county in which such action or proceeding is pending or
maintained, shall execute a certificate of discharge of such lien,
provided it shall appear that the prosecution has lost no right