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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Liens on vessels
§ 80. Liens on vessels. A debt which is not a lien by the maritime
law, and which amounts to fifty dollars or upwards, on a sea-going or
ocean-bound vessel, or fifteen dollars or upwards on any other vessel
shall be a lien upon such vessel, her tackle, apparel and furniture, and
shall be preferred to all other liens thereon, except mariners' wages,
if such debt is contracted by the master, owner, charterer, builder or
consignee of such ship or vessel, or by the agent of either of them,
within this state, for either of the following purposes:

1. For work done or material or other articles furnished in this state
for or towards the building, repairing, fitting, furnishing or equipping
of such vessel.

2. For such provisions and stores, furnished within this state, as are
fit and proper for the use of such vessel, at the time when they were

3. For wharfing and the expense of keeping such vessel in port, and
for the expense of employing persons to watch her.

4. For loading or unloading such vessel, or for the advances made to
procure necessaries therefor, or for the insurance thereof.

5. For towing or piloting such vessel, or for the insurance or premium
of insurance of or on such vessel or her freight; but no lien exists for
a debt contracted for any purpose specified in this subdivision, unless
it amounts to the sum of twenty-five dollars or more.