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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Duration of lien
§ 83. Duration of lien. Every lien for a debt shall cease if the
vessel navigates the western or northwestern lakes, or either of them,
or the Saint Lawrence river, at the expiration of six months after the
first of January next succeeding the time when the debt was contracted,
and in case of any other vessel, at the expiration of twelve months
after the debt was contracted. If, upon the expiration of the time
herein limited in either of such cases, such vessel shall be absent from
the port at which the debt was contracted, the lien shall continue until
the expiration of thirty days after the return of such vessel to such
port. If proceedings are instituted for the enforcement of the lien
within the time herein limited, such lien shall continue until the
termination of such proceedings.