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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Application for warrant
§ 86. Application for warrant. The lienor may make a written
application to a justice of the supreme court, at chambers, in the
judicial district in which the lienor resides or in a county adjoining
such district, for a warrant to enforce a lien on a vessel and to
collect the amount thereof.

The application shall specify:

1. By whom and when such debt was contracted and for what vessel; and
the name and residence of the owner of the vessel, if known.

2. The items composing the debt and the amount claimed.

3. That the debt is justly due the applicant over and above all
payments and just deductions.

4. Any assignment or transfer of the debt which may have taken place
since it was contracted.

5. When and where the notice of lien was filed.

The application shall be verified in the same manner as a pleading in
a court of record.