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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Contested claims
§ 96. Contested claims. The master, owner, agent or consignee of the
vessel, or any person having an interest in the proceeds before final
distribution thereof, may contest any claim made against the vessel or
its proceeds, by filing with such justice a written answer, verified as
a pleading in a court of record, designating the claims contested and
controverting any material allegation of the notice of lien, application
for a warrant or statement of lien, and setting up any other matter in
defense thereto. A copy of such answer shall be served within five days
from such filing, upon the person whose claim is contested, or his

If the answer does not contain any matter of defense to the claim, it
may be stricken out on motion of any person who has filed a notice of
lien against the vessel.