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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Activities not constituting doing business
Limited Liability Company Law (LLC) CHAPTER 34, ARTICLE 8
§ 803. Activities not constituting doing business. (a) Without
excluding other activities that may not constitute doing business in
this state, a foreign limited liability company shall not be considered
to be doing business in this state for the purposes of this chapter, by
reason of carrying on in this state any one or more of the following

(1) maintaining or defending any action or proceeding, whether
judicial, administrative, arbitrative or otherwise or effecting
settlement thereof or the settlement of claims or disputes;

(2) holding meetings of its members or managers;

(3) maintaining bank accounts; or

(4) maintaining offices or agencies only for the transfer, exchange
and registration of its membership interests or appointing and
maintaining depositaries with relation to its membership interests.

(b) The specification in subdivision (a) of this section does not
establish a standard of activities that may subject a foreign limited
liability company to service of process under this chapter or any other
statute of this state.