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This entry was published on 2022-07-29
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Definition of an artist
Multiple Dwelling (MDW) CHAPTER 61-A, ARTICLE 7-B
§ 276. Definition of an artist. As used in this article, the word
"artist" means a person who is regularly engaged in the fine arts, such
as painting and sculpture or in the performing or creative arts,
including choreography and filmmaking, or in the composition of music on
a professional basis, and is so certified by the city department of
cultural affairs and/or state council on the arts. For joint living-work
quarters for artists limited to artists' occupancy by local zoning
resolution, any permanent occupant whose residence therein began on or
before December fifteenth, two thousand twenty-one shall be deemed to
meet such occupancy requirements under the same rights as an artist so
certified in accordance with applicable law.