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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Multiple Dwelling (MDW) CHAPTER 61-A, ARTICLE 8
§ 303. Enforcement. 1. Except as herein otherwise provided, the
provisions of this chapter shall be enforced by the department charged
with the enforcement of laws, ordinances and regulations in relation to
multiple dwellings.

1-a. For the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this chapter, the
department shall have the power to subpeona witnesses, administer oaths
and take testimony, compel the production of books, papers, records and
documents and to hold public or private hearings, subject to the right
of any person who shall appear hereunder to be represented by counsel of
his own choosing, at any such hearing. The department may designate one
or more of its members, officers or employees to exercise any one or
more of such powers.

2. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to abrogate or impair
the powers of any department or of the courts to enforce the provisions
of any local law, ordinance, rule, regulation or charter not
inconsistent with this chapter, or to prevent violations or punish
violators thereof.