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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Saving clauses
Multiple Dwelling (MDW) CHAPTER 61-A, ARTICLE 11
§ 366. Saving clauses. 1. The repeal of any provisions of this
chapter, or the repeal of any provisions of any statute of the state or
local law, ordinance, resolution or regulation shall not affect or
impair any act done, offense committed or right accruing, accrued or
acquired, or liability, penalty, forfeiture or punishment incurred or
imposed prior to the time of such repeal, but the same may be enjoyed,
asserted, enforced, prosecuted or inflicted as fully and to the same
extent and in the same manner as if such provisions had not been

2. Any action or proceeding, civil or criminal, begun before April
eighteenth, nineteen hundred twenty-nine, under or pursuant to or by
virtue of any provision of the tenement house law which is superseded by
this chapter as in this chapter provided, may be prosecuted, conducted
and completed in the same manner as if such law were not so superseded
but continued to be fully effective.

3. No action or proceeding, civil or criminal, pending at the time
this chapter, as amended by the laws of nineteen hundred forty-six,
takes effect, brought by or against a city or any agency or officer
thereof, shall be affected or abated by the adoption of this chapter as
so amended, or by anything therein contained, and all such actions and
proceedings may be continued in full force and effect under the
appropriate provisions of this chapter.

4. No existing right or remedy of any kind shall be lost or impaired
by reason of the adoption of this chapter as so amended unless by
specific provision of a law which does not amend all articles of this

5. Except as otherwise provided in subdivision six of section three,
the provisions of this chapter shall not operate to limit or decrease
the power of any city to adopt local laws, ordinances, resolutions or
regulations in relation to any matter in respect to which such power
would otherwise exist.

6. The tenement house law shall, from and after the taking effect of
this chapter, not apply to cities with a population of eight hundred
thousand or more.