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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Municipal Housing Authorities (MHA) CHAPTER ROOT, ARTICLE 5
* § 61. Finding. It is hereby declared that in certain areas of
counties, cities and first class villages of the state there exist
unsanitary or substandard housing conditions owing to over-crowding and
concentration of population, improper planning, excessive land coverage,
lack of proper light, air and space, unsanitary design and arrangement,
or lack of proper sanitary facilities; that there is not an adequate
supply of decent, safe, and sanitary dwelling accommodations for persons
of low income; that these conditions cause an increase and spread of
disease and crime and constitute a menace to the health, safety, morals,
welfare, and comfort of the citizens of the state, and impair economic
values; that these conditions cannot be remedied by the ordinary
operation of private enterprise; that the clearance, replanning, and
reconstruction of the areas in which unsanitary or substandard housing
conditions exist and the providing of decent, safe, and sanitary
dwelling accommodations in said areas and elsewhere for persons of low
income are public uses and purposes for which public money may be spent
and private property acquired; and the necessity in the public interest
for the provisions hereinafter enacted is hereby declared as a matter of
legislative determination.

* NB The text of Article 5 of the former State Housing Law (cited
herein as the "Municipal Housing Authorities Law"), as such article
existed immediately prior to its repeal pursuant to section 227 of
Chapter 808 of the Laws of 1939, is provided here for ease of reference
and historical purposes as such text continues to be applicable for the
New York City Housing Authority pursuant to the provisions of section
401 of the current Public Housing Law.