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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers and duties of board
Municipal Housing Authorities (MHA) CHAPTER ROOT, ARTICLE 5
* § 67. Powers and duties of board. The board shall collect and
distribute information relating to the administration of housing
authorities and to the construction, maintenance and operation of
projects. The board shall suggest and assist in the preparation of
legislation relating to housing authorities and their functions. The
board may, in its discretion, prescribe methods and forms for keeping
accounts, records and books to be used by an authority. The board may
require an authority to file periodical reports not oftener than
quarterly covering its operations and activities in a form prescribed by
the board and may, from time to time, require specific answers to
questions upon which the board may desire information. For the purpose
of gathering information to enable the formulation of suggestions for
legislation, the board may require an authority to submit additional
information relating to the condition and affairs of an authority, its
dealings, transactions or relationships.

* NB The text of Article 5 of the former State Housing Law (cited
herein as the "Municipal Housing Authorities Law"), as such article
existed immediately prior to its repeal pursuant to section 227 of
Chapter 808 of the Laws of 1939, is provided here for ease of reference
and historical purposes as such text continues to be applicable for the
New York City Housing Authority pursuant to the provisions of section
401 of the current Public Housing Law.