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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Effect of local laws on acts of legislature or prior local laws or ordinances
Municipal Home Rule (MHR) CHAPTER 36-A, ARTICLE 3
§ 22. Effect of local laws on acts of legislature or prior local laws
or ordinances. 1. In adopting a local law changing or superseding any
provision of a state statute or of a prior local law or ordinance, the
legislative body shall specify the chapter or local law or ordinance,
number and year of enactment, section, subsection or subdivision, which
it is intended to change or supersede, but the failure so to specify
shall not affect the validity of such local law. Such a superseding
local law may contain the text of such statute, local law or ordinance,
section, subsection or subdivision and may indicate the changes to be
effected in its text or application to such local government by
enclosing in brackets, or running a line through, the matter to be
eliminated therefrom and italicizing or underscoring new matter to be
included therein.

2. No local law shall supersede any provision of a state statute
except as authorized by the constitution, this chapter or any other
state statute.