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Office for people with developmental disabilities; scope of responsibilities
Mental Hygiene (MHY) CHAPTER 27, TITLE C, ARTICLE 13
§ 13.07 Office for people with developmental disabilities; scope of


(a) The office for people with developmental disabilities shall assure
the development of comprehensive plans, programs, and services in the
areas of research, prevention, and care, treatment, habilitation,
rehabilitation, vocational and other education, and training of
individuals with developmental disabilities. Such plans, programs, and
services shall be developed by the cooperation of the office, other
offices of the department where appropriate, other state departments and
agencies, local governments, community organizations and agencies
providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities, their
families and representatives. It shall provide appropriate facilities,
programs, supports and services and encourage the provision of
facilities, programs, supports and services by local government and
community organizations and agencies.

(b) It shall advise and assist the governor in developing policies
designed to meet the needs of persons with developmental disabilities
and encourage their full inclusion and participation in society.

(c) The office shall have the responsibility for seeing that persons
with developmental disabilities specified in the foregoing subdivision
are provided with services including care and treatment, that such
services are of high quality and effectiveness, and that the personal
and civil rights of persons receiving such services are protected. The
services provided shall seek to promote and attain independence,
inclusion, individuality and productivity for persons with developmental

(c-1) 1. In carrying out the responsibilities identified in
subdivision (c) of this section, the office shall ensure that
applications for eligibility determinations and service authorizations
are processed in a timely manner. The office shall complete processing
of the application within a processing period of one hundred twenty days
of receipt of such application transmitted via the internet or
electronic mail.

2. Where the application is not reasonably clear or omits required
information, or where the office reasonably suspects fraud based on
specific information available to the office, the office shall notify
the applicant in writing within thirty calendar days of the receipt of
such application and request the specific information needed to process
such application. Provided, however, that the processing period shall be
tolled from the date of notice to the applicant to the date of receipt
of the complete application by the office.

3. Upon receipt of the information requested in paragraph two of this
subdivision, the office shall complete processing of the complete
application within the remaining days of the processing period.

(d) The office shall foster programs for the training and development
of persons capable of providing the foregoing services.

(e) Consistent with the requirements of subdivision (b) of section
5.05 of this chapter, the office shall carry out the provisions of
article thirty-one of this chapter as such article pertains to
regulation and quality control of services for persons with
developmental disabilities.