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This entry was published on 2021-10-08
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Referral to crisis stabilization centers
Mental Hygiene (MHY) CHAPTER 27, TITLE E, ARTICLE 36
§ 36.02 Referral to crisis stabilization centers.

(a) A referral to crisis stabilization centers may include but not be
limited to: (1) walk-ins or self-referrals; (2) family members; (3)
schools; (4) hospitals; (5) community-based providers; (6) mobile mental
health crisis teams; (7) crisis call centers; (8) primary care doctors;
(9) law enforcement; and (10) private practitioners.

(b) All services provided in crisis stabilization centers shall be
voluntary. No crisis stabilization center shall accept involuntary
referrals, and no person shall be forced or coerced to participate in
services or treatment. A crisis stabilization center may at any time
refer a person in their care to a higher level of treatment if deemed

(c) For a person who is in need of emergency observation under section
9.41, 9.43, 9.45, or 9.58 of this chapter, the appropriate police
officer, peace officer, court, community services director or mobile
crisis team must inform the person of the crisis stabilization center
services where available. A crisis stabilization center may conduct an
assessment prior to accepting a referral. A crisis stabilization center
may make a referral to a hospital or comprehensive psychiatric emergency
program if an assessment determines that they are unable to meet the
service needs of a person.