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Compensation of guardian
Mental Hygiene (MHY) CHAPTER 27, TITLE E, ARTICLE 79
§ 79.21 Compensation of guardian.

(a) Where a guardian has received only the benefits from the
administration or income from such benefits, compensation payable to the
guardian for administering the estate of a ward shall be fixed by the
court not to exceed five per centum of the income of the ward during any
year. In the event of extraordinary services rendered by such guardian
the court may, upon petition and after hearing thereon, authorize
additional compensation therefor, payable from the estate of the ward.
Notice of such petition and hearing shall be given the proper office of
the administration. No compensation shall be allowed on the corpus of an
estate received from a preceding guardian. The guardian may be allowed
from the estate of his ward reasonable premiums, not exceeding one per
centum per annum upon the amount of the bond, paid by him to any
corporate surety upon his bond.

(b) Where a guardian has also received property of the ward other than
benefits and income therefrom, additional compensation may be had, in
the case of an incompetent ward, as prescribed by article seventy-eight
of this chapter, and in the case of an infant ward, as prescribed by the
surrogate's court.