1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Mental Hygiene
  4. Title E: General Provisions
  5. Article 81: Proceedings For Appointment of a Guardian For Personal Needs or Property Management

Section 81.13 Timing of hearing

Mental Hygiene (MHY)

  Unless the court, for good cause shown, orders otherwise, a proceeding under this article is entitled to a preference over all other causes in the court. Unless the court, for good cause shown, orders otherwise, the hearing or trial shall be conducted within the time set forth in subdivision (b) of section 81.07 of this article. A decision shall be rendered within seven days after the hearing, unless for good cause shown, the court extends the time period for rendering the decision. In the event the time period is extended, the court shall set forth the factual basis for the extension. The commission shall be issued to the guardian within fifteen days after the decision is rendered.