1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Mental Hygiene
  4. Title E: General Provisions
  5. Article 81: Proceedings For Appointment of a Guardian For Personal Needs or Property Management

Section 81.18 Foreign guardian for a person not present in the state

Mental Hygiene (MHY)

  Where the person alleged to be incapacitated is not present in the state and a guardian, by whatever name designated, has been duly appointed pursuant to the laws of any other country where the person alleged to be incapacitated resides to assist such person in property management, the court in its discretion, may make an order appointing the foreign guardian as a guardian under this article with powers with respect to property management within this state on the foreign guardian's giving such security as the court deems proper. In its discretion, the court may utilize the provisions of article eighty-three of this title.