1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Mental Hygiene
  4. Title E: General Provisions
  5. Article 81: Proceedings For Appointment of a Guardian For Personal Needs or Property Management

Section 81.41 Court examiner education requirements

Mental Hygiene (MHY)

  (a) Each incapacitated person is entitled to a thorough examination of all reports required to be filed by the guardian.

  (b) Each person appointed pursuant to section 81.32 of this article must complete a training program approved by the chief administrator which covers the legal duties and responsibilities of the examiner and of guardians.

  (c) The court may, in its discretion, waive some or all of the requirements of this section or impose additional requirements. In so doing, the court shall consider the experience and education of the court examiner with respect to the training requirements of this section.