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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Military (MIL) CHAPTER 36, ARTICLE 7, PART 1
§ 130.1. Definitions. The following terms when used in this article
shall be construed in the sense indicated in this section, unless the
context shows that a different sense is intended, namely:

(1) "Organized militia" means the organized militia, the composition
of which is stated in section two of this chapter;

(2) "Officer" means a commissioned officer including a commissioned
warrant officer;

(3) "Superior officer" means an officer superior in rank or command;

(4) "Enlisted person" means any person who is serving in an enlisted
grade in any force of the organized militia;

(5) "Active state duty" means full time military duty in the active
service of the state under an order of the governor issued pursuant to
sections six or seven of this chapter and while going to and returning
from such duty;

(6) "Duty status other than active state duty" means any one of the
types of duty described in section forty-six of this chapter and while
going to and returning from such duty;

(7) "Military court" means a court-martial, a court of inquiry, a
provost court;

(8) "Military judge" means an official of a general court-martial
detailed in accordance with section 130.26 of this article;

(9) "Judge advocate" means an officer of a force of the organized
militia who is a member of the judge advocate general's corps or who is
designated as a judge advocate;

(10) "Legal officer" means an officer of the New York naval militia
designated to perform legal duties for a command;

(11) "Code" means article seven of this chapter;

(12) "Accuser" means a person who signs and swears to charges, any
person who directs that charges nominally be signed and sworn to by
another, and any other person who has an interest other than an official
interest in the prosecution of the accused.