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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 130.20
Jurisdiction of summary courts-martial
Military (MIL) CHAPTER 36, ARTICLE 7, PART 4
§ 130.20. Jurisdiction of summary courts-martial. (a) Subject to
section 130.17, summary courts-martial shall have jurisdiction to try
persons subject to this code, except officers and warrant officers, for
any offense for which they may be punished by this code.

(b) No persons with respect to whom courts-martial have jurisdiction
shall be brought to trial before a summary court-martial if he objects
thereto. Where objection to trial by summary court-martial is made,
trial shall be ordered by special or general court-martial, as may be

(c) Summary courts-martial shall have the power to sentence to:
confinement with hard labor for not exceeding twenty-five days; fines
not exceeding twenty-five dollars; confinement with hard labor in lieu
of fines imposed not exceeding one day for each dollar of fine imposed;
forfeiture of pay and allowances not exceeding twenty-five dollars;
reprimand; reduction of non-commissioned officers to an inferior grade;
and to combine any two or more of such punishments in the sentences