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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Military (MIL) CHAPTER 36

Section 175. Definition of an armory.

176. Dock facilities for the New York naval militia.

177. Acquisition of real property for armories and other

military facilities of the state.

177-a. Authorization of municipal corporations to convey or

lease to the state real property for armories and other

military purposes and to acquire real property for such


178. Construction, leasing, equipping and maintenance of


179. Costs of construction, repair, maintenance and operation

of armories, camps, ranges and other facilities, a

charge upon the state.

180. Armories and other facilities in the city of New York.

180-a. Lease and operation of seventh regiment armory.

181. Procurement of federal funds for construction, et cetera.

182. Control of armories and other facilities.

183. Use of armories.

185. Disposal of useless property.

186. Disposition of real property of the state devoted to the

use of the organized militia.

187. Armory employees; grades, employment, duties and


188. Annual increments; compensation on promotion, demotion,

transfer, reclassification, reinstatement or


189. Qualifications of armory employees; membership in New

York state employees' retirement system.