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Motor boat regulation zone
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 7
§ 101. Motor boat regulation zone. As soon as practicable, the
commissioner shall place on the mainland at some convenient point at or
near the water's edge at Fishers Landing, Jefferson county, New York,
and not more than one mile westerly thereof, a signboard facing the
water and bearing thereon in large characters the words "St. Lawrence
river boat regulation zone, west limit." He shall in like manner place a
similar signboard at some convenient place at or near the water's edge
and facing the water on the mainland easterly of Alexandria Bay and
within one mile easterly thereof and southeasterly of the United States
government lighthouse in the waters of said river, known as Sunken Rock
Light, except that the words "east limit" shall appear in the place of
"west limit". If necessary, he may acquire for the state, by agreement
with the owners of the lands affected, easements for such purposes. That
portion of the waters of the Saint Lawrence river northerly of the
mainland of Jefferson county and southerly of the international boundary
line between the United States and Canada and easterly of a line drawn
northwesterly from the marker hereinbefore referred to at Fishers
Landing and westerly of a line drawn from the marker hereinbefore
referred to easterly of Alexandria Bay, and running in a northwesterly
direction through the said Sunken Rock Light, shall constitute a motor
boat regulation zone for the purpose of this article. The expense
attached to the performance of the foregoing duties shall be payable
from moneys that may be available therefor by appropriation and from
moneys, if any, contributed by persons interested. Such zone shall be
deemed established and the rules prescribed by this article shall be
applicable when such poles or markers and signs shall be installed, and
not before.