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When schedules to be posted
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 8
§ 113. When schedules to be posted. Every person licensed to operate
or control any ferry in this state, or between this state and any other
state, operating from or to a city of fifty thousand inhabitants or
over, shall post in a conspicuous and accessible position outside and
adjacent to each entrance to such ferry, and in at least four accessible
places, in plain view of the passengers upon each of the boats used on
such ferry, a schedule plainly printed in the English language of the
rates of ferriage charges thereon, and authorized by law to be charges
thereon, and authorized by law to be charged for ferriage over such
ferry. If any such person shall fail to comply with the provisions of
this section, or shall post a false schedule, he shall forfeit the sum
of fifty dollars for each day's neglect or refusal to post such schedule
or any of them, to be recovered by any person who shall sue therefor in
any court of competent jurisdiction.