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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Ferries and ferry terminal
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 8
§ 115. Ferries and ferry terminal. In the event that a village is
disconnected geographically by water from the mainland of the state and
which is not connected by any bridge or viaduct wholly or partly within
its corporate limits with such mainland, the board of trustees of a
village may acquire, by purchase, lease, charter, new construction or
otherwise, and provide, maintain and operate a ferry or ferries,
together with the necessary boats and terminals therefor, for the
transportation of passengers, express matter and freight between said
village and the adjacent mainland of the state, during the whole or such
portion or portions of the year, and may charge such rates therefor, as
it may deem advisable, and each such village shall have the right to
spend money for said purposes or any of them. Before operating any ferry
or ferries, the village shall obtain such license or permission from the
branch or branches of the United States government having jurisdiction
over the navigable waters in which such ferry or ferries shall operate,
as may be necessary or required, but notwithstanding any other provision
of law, it shall not be necessary for any such village to obtain license
or other permission for the operation of such ferry or ferries from any
other body politic or court of the state of New York. For the purpose of
this subdivision the mainland of Long Island shall be considered part of
the mainland of the state of New York.

The provisions of this section shall be controlling notwithstanding
any contrary provisions of law.