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Environmental lien notice; contents
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 12, PART 3
§ 181-b. Environmental lien notice; contents. A notice of
environmental lien must state:

1. That the lienor is the New York environmental protection and spill
compensation fund;

2. The name of the record owner of the real property on which the
environmental lien has attached;

3. The real property subject to the lien, with a description thereof
sufficient for identification;

4. That the real property described in the notice is the property upon
which a discharge occurred and that cleanup and removal costs and damage
costs have been incurred by the lienor as a result of such discharge;

5. That the owner is potentially liable for cleanup and removal costs
and damage costs pursuant to section one hundred eighty-one of this
part; and

6. That an environmental lien has attached to the described real