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Board of commissioners of pilots; powers and duties
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 6
§ 87. Board of commissioners of pilots; powers and duties. 1. There
shall continue to be in the city of New York, a board entitled the
"board of commissioners of pilots," consisting of six persons, who shall
hold their offices respectively, for two years from the time of their
election, and until their successors are elected and have qualified. The
governor, temporary president of the senate and the speaker of the
assembly shall each appoint one commissioner. Two other of such
commissioners shall be elected by the presidents and vice-presidents of
the marine insurance companies of the city of New York, composing or
represented in the board of underwriters of such city, at a regularly
convened meeting of such board. Notice of such meeting shall be given by
the secretary of the board of underwriters or some member of the board
duly authorized by it and it shall state that the election of
commissioners will take place. Such notice shall be given in writing at
least one day before the election and shall be delivered at the office
of such company. Each insurance company represented at such meeting
shall be entitled to one vote, and the certificate of the secretary of
such board, or of any officer acting in his stead, shall be sufficient
prima facie evidence of an election. The sixth commissioner shall be
appointed by the governor from among the members or the staff of the
Albany port district commission for a term of two years and until his
successor is appointed and has qualified. No person shall be elected or
appointed to the board of commissioners of pilots who holds or
heretofore held a pilot's license issued pursuant to this article or
pursuant to any law, rule or regulation of this state or any political
subdivision, board, commission or authority of this state or of any
other state or pursuant to any federal law, rule or regulation. Of the
six members of the board of commissioners of pilots, at least four
commissioners shall have been a licensed deck officer in the United
States Merchant Marine or an unrestricted line officer in the United
States Naval Service or a commissioned officer in the United States
Coast Guard, and commanded a navigation watch on an ocean going vessel.
The remaining two commissioners shall each have a minimum of five years
of experience within the maritime industry. Upon the expiration of the
term of office of any commissioner or commissioners, or within thirty
days prior thereto, and upon any vacancy occurring by death,
resignation, removal from the state, or other cause, another election or
appointment to fill such office for the term of two years shall be held
by the same class of persons or authority which had previously held the
election or appointment for the office so expiring or becoming vacant.

2. Each commissioner, before entering upon the duties of his office,
shall take the constitutional oath of office before an officer
authorized to administer oaths, which oath or affirmation shall be
filed, without delay, in the office of the clerk of the county of New

3. The board of commissioners shall appoint and at pleasure remove a
secretary and shall prescribe his duties and fix his compensation. Such
secretary shall take a like oath, to be filed in like manner, as
provided in subdivision two. The board shall establish an office in some
convenient place in the city of New York, where the commissioners shall
meet on the first Tuesday of every month, or more frequently by
adjournment, or upon a notice given by any one of them, or by the
secretary, as the circumstances may require.

4. The commissioners shall require the secretary in person or by
deputy to be in daily attendance at their office during reasonable
office hours on all ordinary business days. They shall cause the
secretary to keep a proper book or books, in which all the rules and
regulations, official transactions and proceedings, and whatever else
may be deemed by them proper and useful and immediately pertaining to
their duties or to the pilot service, shall be entered. They shall also
cause the secretary to keep a register of the names and addresses of all
the pilots licensed by them, with the dates of their licenses. Such
books may be inspected by any person interested.

5. The decision of a majority of the commissioners shall be conclusive
upon all questions arising under this article, except as otherwise
provided. In case of an omission to fill any vacancy in the board of
commissioners for one month, the remaining commissioners shall have and
exercise all of the powers and duties of the board until the vacancy is

* 6. (a) The board of commissioners of pilots shall advise the
governor and the legislature on matters pertaining to pilotage fees. The
board is authorized to review all aspects relevant to the determination
of pilotage fees for vessels entering or departing from the Port of New
York by way of Sandy Hook and by way of Sands Point or Execution Rocks;
for vessels transitting the Hudson river between Yonkers and the dam at
Troy; and for vessels transitting Long Island Sound and Block Island
Sound east of a line from City Island avenue on City Island through
Stepping Stones Light and entering or departing from any port on the New
York state waters of Long Island Sound east of Sands Point or Execution
Rocks for the purpose of making recommendations consistent with the
objectives of assuring public safety, protection of property, and the
protection of the environment. The board shall give due consideration to
the following:

(1) The costs and other expenses incurred by pilots in providing the
required services;

(2) The amount sufficient to provide a net return to the pilots which
will attract and hold competent persons;

(3) Pilotage rates for comparable services on other waters of the
United States;

(4) The methods of establishing pilotage rates for other waters of the
United States;

(5) Economic factors affecting the shipping industry and pilot
services in the areas under the jurisdiction of the board;

(6) Additions or modification of equipment in pilot vessels required
to adequately protect persons, property, and the environment;

(7) Auditors' reports pertaining to the income and expenses of pilot

(8) The number of pilots needed to provide and maintain adequate
services for the areas under the jurisdiction of the board;

(9) Review of the apprentice and training programs for the purpose of
determining the numbers of persons needed to fill vacancies in the pilot
services as they arise;

(10) Any other information deemed pertinent by the board.

(b) The board of commissioners of pilots shall submit to the governor
and the legislature a report containing its findings and recommendations
on pilotage fees on or before March first of each year.

* NB Expired June 30, 1995