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Licensing of Sandy Hook pilots; apprenticeship
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 6
§ 90. Licensing of Sandy Hook pilots; apprenticeship. 1. No license
shall hereafter be granted to any person to act as pilot for the port of
New York by way of Sandy Hook or by the way of Sands Point or Execution
Rocks, unless the applicant shall have served an apprenticeship in the
New York Sandy Hook pilot service in the manner provided in this
section. Subject to the rules and regulations of the board of
commissioners, the executive committee of the United New York Sandy Hook
Pilots Benevolent Association (hereinafter designated the benevolent
association) shall have sole control over all apprentices and be charged
with the responsibility to instruct such apprentices in their duties as
Sandy Hook pilots. No other apprenticeship shall be accepted by the
commissioners. Application for apprenticeship may be made to the board
of commissioners on a form to be prescribed by such commissioners. The
qualifications necessary for an applicant to enter into an
apprenticeship shall be prescribed by rule or regulation of the board of
commissioners. The names of all persons accepted as apprentices shall be
registered in the books of the board of commissioners and certified to
the benevolent association in the order of their acceptance. Apprentices
shall serve at least four years apprenticeship. Each apprentice shall
be examined by the board of commissioners upon completion of his
apprenticeship and if found worthy and qualified may be licensed as a
New York Sandy Hook pilot in the lowest grade then established by the
commissioners. In the event a national or other emergency shall make it
imperative to the safe movement of vessels in and out of the port of New
York by the way of Sandy Hook or by the way of Sands Point or Execution
Rocks, that licenses to pilot such vessels be issued to persons who have
not served the apprenticeship herein prescribed, then in that event the
board of commissioners may issue temporary pilot licenses, other than
full branch licenses, to qualified persons to serve as Sandy Hook pilots
so long as the emergency continues or until the pilots so licensed can
be replaced by deputy pilots licenses after completion of the prescribed
term of apprenticeship.

2. The commissioners, or a majority of them, shall license for such
terms as they may think proper, as many pilots as they may deem
necessary to pilot ships to and from the port of New York by the way of
Sandy Hook or by the way of Sands Point or Execution Rocks and such
commissioners may specify in such licenses different degrees of
qualifications appropriate to different parts or branches of pilot duty,
according to the competency of the applicant. A license shall be denied
to any person holding any license or authority from or under the
authority of the laws of any other state.