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Licensing of Long Island-Block Island Sound Pilots
Navigation (NAV) CHAPTER 37, ARTICLE 6
§ 91-b. Licensing of Long Island-Block Island Sound Pilots. 1. The
commissioners, or a majority of them, shall license, for such terms as
they may think proper, as many pilots as they may deem necessary to
pilot ships transiting the New York state waters of Long Island Sound or
Block Island Sound east of Execution Rocks or Sands Point including any
such vessel entering or departing from any port situated in the New York
state waters of Long Island Sound east of Execution Rocks and Sands
Point and on the continuation of Long Island Sound to a line running
from the foot of City Island Avenue on City Island southerly to Stepping
Stones light, and such commissioners may specify in such licenses
different degrees of qualifications appropriate to different parts or
branches of pilot duty, according to the competency of the applicant.

2. Upon the taking effect of this chapter, all pilots who are then,
and have been for the two years immediately prior thereto, actively
engaged, as a regular occupation, in piloting seagoing vessels through
the waters specified in this chapter shall, upon application, be
licensed as full branch Long Island-Block Island Sound pilots for the
waters covered by this chapter if found by the commissioners to be
qualified in accordance with their regulations in effect on March
seventeenth, nineteen hundred seventy-one, except that any person who is
found to be so qualified who has reached his sixtieth birthday prior to
the effective date of this act shall be eligible to renew his license
until age seventy.