1. The Laws of New York
  2. Unconsolidated Laws
  3. NYS Project Finance Agency Act7/75

Section 21 Certain special proceedings

NYS Project Finance Agency Act7/75 (NYP)

  In the event that the agency or the corporation shall have occasion at any time to seek declaratory relief in the courts with respect to any matters relating to transactions contemplated by this act, any request for such relief shall be brought as a special proceeding and conducted in accordance with article four of the civil practice law and rules. Any such special proceeding shall be preferred over all other civil causes except election causes in all courts of the state of New York and shall be heard and determined in preference to all other civil business pending therein except election causes, irrespective of position on the calendar. In any such special proceeding, the court hearing the matter shall have authority in its discretion to award, as against the agency or the corporation, the reasonable counsel fees and expenses of a party or intervenor opposing such declaratory relief, based on the court's determination as to the contribution made to the sound and orderly resolution of the proceeding by the participation of such party or intervenor therein, and the court hearing the matter may in its discretion appoint counsel to represent a class of persons having interests in opposition to such declaratory relief being sought and may award reasonable counsel fees and expenses as aforesaid on account of such representation.