1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Parks, recreation and historic preservation
  4. Title C: Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
  5. Article 13: General Provisions

Section 13.09 Solicitation restricted

Parks, recreation and historic preservation (PAR)

No person engaged in the business of transporting passengers for hire to or through any state park or offering guide or other services for a fee to visitors to any state park shall engage in any of the following practices:

  1. The giving of false or misleading information concerning state parks or hotel, tourist home, cabin, or other tourist accommodations, or their rates, facilities or services.

  2. The giving of false or misleading information concerning travel routes or conditions of travel, bridges, bridge facilities or bridge rates, parking accommodations, business establishments of service or interest to such visitors, including the facilities, services and rates of other sightseeing services.

  3. The halting on the highways leading to state parks or on the streets of cities, towns or villages in the vicinity of state parks, of motor vehicles or pedestrians, for the purpose of soliciting or inducing them to purchase the transportation or services offered.

  4. The wearing of police-type caps, uniforms or parts of uniforms, badges or insignia which convey the impression that such solicitor is a police officer or has authority by law to require motorists to obey his signal or direction to stop.

  5. The use of the term "official" on a privately operated information stand or by a sightseeing service conducted for private gain unless the operator of such stand or service shall have been licensed or duly authorized to operate such stand or conduct such service by the office or state agency having jurisdiction of such park, or by the county or city in which such operations are conducted.